OPENNESS   SUSTAINABILITY   TOGETHERNESS Humanity, nature and technology
wellness and co-prosperity, and
now the future must be.


Mamadomia - Open TransTelematics
Global dialogue initiative for initiating OpenDuma NPO / NGO Consortium
( .kids ) TLD Sponsoring Internet Top-Level Domain for all kids.

Diverse open source multidisciplinary cross-sector collaborative sociotechnology for education, research and practices global network platform to connect and enrich kids with universal values:

- to spark the creativity and imagination, and
- to reveal children’s abilities and talents, and
- to enhance children’s health and receptivity, and
- to promote rising and raising eco-eko-era oriented children, and
- to educate children in creativity, innovation and sociotechnology,

in a spirit of connectivity, arts and innovation, multilingual, multicultural and multidisciplinary freedoms of expression solidarity, collective rights and responsibility culture with a global eco-eko-era sustainability perspective.


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  Global OpenDuma freedom of communication for social responsibility:
  Mothers, Fathers, Kids, Grandparents; Groups, Cultures and Organisations.
  Take a stand, Take a risk, Take the collective social responsibility to speak your truth.

  Say it straight. Say it with passion to be heard. Say it now in a measured and responsible manner.
  TLD WWW (.kids) for all kids.   New (.kids) TLD Application Process Overview

  Dedicated to: Electronic Prometheus,
  OpenDuma Consortium - The right to know


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