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"Failing to invest in creative innovation is a false economy.  Investments in young people innovations will pay great dividends in a better future for all." Andy Freedman, Founder of OpenEdgeConsortium

New TLD .AAA ZoneNet Intercloud TransTelematics for Young People to
interact, learn and play and have the freedoms to be young.

Youth Internet ZoneNet is more than internet new zone TLD theme .AAA - it is an injunction that should inspire young people at all times. It is Youth Social ZoneNet (Open Intercloud TLD .AAA ) TransTelematics media that enables broadcasting real time streaming media for enriching the young people talents, health and prosperity, through innovation, creativity and education.

Dedicated to the young people and kids, the open cloud ZoneNet TransTelematics richer media communications is youth evolution, uprising and expanding the horizons of opportunity for the young people Eco Eko Era interactive net zone in real time diverse web media cloud-casting; For the young people and kids to interact, learn and play in real time, within the open social media and edu-communities golobal co-action.

Mamadomia Open Foundation Global dialogue initiative for initiating OpenDuma Global Consortium (TLD (DOT).AAA for Young people and kids. Real Next Generation Top-Level Domain TLD (DOT).AAA Open Intercloud Internet; diverse young people and kids to interact, learn and play, and have the freedoms to be young and prosperous.

Diverse open source multidisciplinary cross-sector collaborative Real Time Broadcasting Media, Edu-Sociotechnology Internet for young people education, scientific research and creative arts global young constructive platform to connect and enrich young people with universal talents, abilities and other coverage of values:

- to spark the creativity and imagination, and
- to reveal young abilities and talents, and
- to enhance children’s health and receptivity, and
- to promote rising and raising eco-eko-era oriented young people, and
- to educate young people in creativity, innovation and sociotechnology,

in a spirit of connectivity, arts and innovation, multilingual, multicultural and multidisciplinary freedoms of expression solidarity, collective rights and responsibility culture with a global eco-eko-era sustainability perspective.


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  Contact Phone: +8816 2246 1388,  +61 86461 6975,   Cell: +61 409 009 703,
  Contact Email: grogodo (at) fsfe (dot) org , Tech contact, labs (at) ai (dot) ki
  Geolocation Australia WA: Latitude: -32.432900, Longitude: 116.028400

  OpenDuma Freedom of Communication and Social Responsibility:

  Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Young People and Kids; Groups, Cultures and Organisations.
  Take a stand, Take a risk, Take the collective social responsibility to speak for the young people and kids well-being and prosperity.
  Say it open. Say it straight. Say it with passion, Say it now with care and strength in a measured and responsible manner to be heard.

  You have nothing to fear, but the fear itself.

  Our deepest fear is not that the young people and kids are inadequate.
  Our deepest fear is that openness and youngness are powerful beyond measure.
  It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

  Your playing ignorant doesn't serve and is not enriching the young people and kids.
  The technology, internet telematics and the new young world are now and here to be; new and young.
  A New and Young prosperous world for all of us.

  New Young Internet Environment
  Actually brilliant, gorgeous talented, fabulous and powerful beyond measure new young healthy world.

  TransTelematics project dedicated to:
  Electronic Prometheus John Atanasoff,

  TLD (.AAA) Application Process Overview
  Global OpenDuma Consortium - NPO NGO and The right to know
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